RB-Doors Company Vision

RB-Doors Company Vision


To develop, design and produce an exceptional sense of security for more and more people. Security in the product, security in innovativeness, security in design, security in the company, the security of knowing RB-Doors products are the best in home and industrial protection.



Our company values we are committed to:

  • Security - Security is the core of our activity, the primary value and benefit which we are committed to providing. Security so our customers can enjoy peace of mind in their homes and in the office, protected and safe.
  • Professionalism - Professionalism is our commitment to the most advanced and highest quality product while ensuring reliability and equity. 
  • Authority- We operate out of authority in order to lead the market into a new and advanced era in security doors Experience and knowledge in the field of security, protection and defence, is key to our leading security solutions for industries and institutions.
  • Design- Design is the revolution we are inducing in the entire industry on a continuous basis. Advanced technology in design brings style to all our doors, from residential and up to armoured doors. We are committed to generating, developing and leading a progressive and intelligent dialogue in design, setting the standards and the trends and always being one step ahead.
  • Continuous Innovation - Our commitment to continuous innovation is the dynamic value that drives us forward. Innovation in products, materials, technology and designs, along with innovation in service and response to changing needs.


  • Service - Our commitment to accommodating flexibility and our promise for the best and the most attentive, precise and relevant service.
  • Sustainability - Our commitment to community and the environment is of highest value to us. RB-Doors is an industrial Israeli company who is recognized as a "green" and environmentally friendly business. The company, management and employees support and contribute to the environment and the community.