The Pladelet Story

The Pladelet Story



In 1973 Rav-Bariach, RB-Doors, introduced the first steel security door manufactured in its factory,  the PLADELET door.


The novelty of the PLADELET door was the transition from a wooden door with a multi bolt lock to a high-security steel door with a decorative PVC coating and a high quality multi bolt lock inside.The door was named PLADELET which means "steel door" by RB in Hebrew. The new and innovative PLADELET door was both highly secure and decorative.


In 1978 the PLADELET door became the most sold steel door in Israel and until today RB-Doors has sold over 4 million steel doors throughout the world in different designs and different levels of protection. Today, every steel door comes with a geometric lock, meets international standards and designs are continuously evolving to suit our customers’ changing needs.


"Rav-Bariach” and “PLADELET” are amongst  the most established brands in Israel. Surveys conducted in 2008, 2009 and 2012 found that public awareness to their brands is over 90%.


RB-Doors has become synonymous with security doors and its stellar reputation is a result of its top quality products, creative thinking, uncompromised quality and millions of satisfied customers in Israel and abroad.