Providing Protection in Africa as well

RB-Doors completes an exclusive 400K USD security project providing protection for the American School in Kenya

  • 03/01/2017


In light of the increase in the number of attacks around the world, and amplification of terrorist groups, this last year brought growing global demands for protection projects for institutions. Just this week, the company completed an additional project for a school belonging to Singapore’s Jewish community.


RB-Doors, Israel’s leading door and locking solutions company, has currently completed an extensive security project, in which over 400 doors where replaced and installed in the Rosslyn Academy in Nairobi, Kenya.

The project, requiring weeks of work and the supervision of company representatives from Israel, is valued at roughly 400,000USD. For the project, the company replaced and installed over 400 doors in the school, including Bullet Proof Doors and Forced Entry Resistant Doors. The work was carried out by the company’s distributor in Kenya, All-Defense Ltd., a company working together with RB-Doors for over 20 years, and under close supervision of the company’s team. In addition, the company completed another project this week, providing protection for a school belonging to Singapore’s Jewish community. In this project, dozens of Blast & Forced Entry Resistant doors with advanced entry control systems were installed. The deal in Singapore is valued at 160,000 USD.

 In light of increased numbers of attacks worldwide, and amplification of organizations such as ISIS, Boko Haram, Al Qaeda and others, this last year brought an increase in global demands for protection of institutions. RB-Doors led a number of projects around the globe this past year, replacing and installing doors, gates and other lock products. Among others, the company provided protection this last summer for a number of Jewish institutions throughout Europe and the American continent.

The school in Kenya, which attracts hundreds of American students, as well as the children of ambassadors and UN representatives in Africa, is located near the US Embassy in Kenya, and the UN Headquarters, and is considered a strategic point for local security forces. Just this past summer, the American President Barack Obama visited the school. The school’s board requested to enhance protection in the school and chose RB-Doors to lead the complex project.

Omer Yatir, VP International Business Development: “The door replacement and installation project in the school in Kenya was a complex process, and with the help of our local partners, we succeeded in completing the project quickly and achieving the best results. We are happy to see the name RB-Doors synonymous with security, around the world as well, and in this last year, we have been required to meet increased global demands for secure and high quality protection for institutions.”




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