Advanced Security Solutions

With Advanced Security Doors, Experience is Everything!

  • 26/05/2013


Based in Israel, RAV-BARIACH has proven its expertise in manufacturing effective solutions with their high security armoured doors and providing uncompromised quality and protection to many satisfied commercial, industrial and institutional customers in Israel and abroad.

For 40 years, RAV-BARIACH has specialized in the development and manufacturing of superior Advanced and High Security doors, locks and locking systems for the protection of property and life.  

RAV-BARIACH offers a range of Advanced Security Armoured Doors  for different needs:

  • Steel Entry doors,
  • Blast and Forced Entry Resistant doors,
  • Fire-Proof doors,
  • Bullet-Proof doors,
  • High Security doors
  • Door frames for Secure Areas.


For the highest security needs:

·         Compliance with the strictest international security regulations including Israel and Europe

·         Continuous R&D

·         Advanced Technology in Doors, Locking Systems and Materials

·         Capacity to respond to requests for  tailor-made models meeting varying needs

·         Ability to provide solutions for specific demands


Contact us for consultation on Advanced Security Door protection for embassies, banks, industry, schools, governmental offices and buildings and any other high security needs.