Model - Mamila

Model - Mamila

The name and design of the Mamilla door was inspired by the old Mamilla quarters in Jerusalem. The Mamilla Entrance door, just like its namesake, represents the stunning combination of opposites. On one hand, advanced manufacturing technology, while on the other hand, a traditional and classic look, a durable painted steel door with a frosted window which brings sunlight into your home. The contrast of opposites found in this neighborhood was the source of inspiration for this door.

Technical Specs

  • Door Structure: 1.25 mm thick galvanized steel panels combined with vertical and horizontal steel reinforcements built into the body of the door, engineered for maximum strength.
  • Lock System: Multi bolt lock system comprising of seven bolts, directed in four ways.
  • Door Finish & Design: Electrostatic powder coating providing outstanding durability, in a choice of RAL colour shades
    TRIPLEX double-glazed window and decorative grille.
  • Dimensions: According to required sizes
  • Locking Mechanism: The door can be upgraded with advanced locking mechanisms operated by the central multi-point lock.
  • Hardware: Hardened cylinder guards and a broad choice of handles to select from.
  • Also available with the unique high security Gladiator® system
Model - Mamila ROXANA
* The colors are for illustration purposes only.
The final color may vary.

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