Information found on this site has been written by professionals from our company and in general refer to RB-Doors products; doors and locks. As conditions vary with each on-site installation , it is recommended to consult with our technical staff for the most accurate and relevant information. We are happy to be at your service at any time.
The RB-Doors Team

  • What is RB Doors Gladiator Lock Mechanism?
  • The Gladiator Lock Mechanism is an original RB-Doors registered patent. It is the one of the most advanced locking system available, directing a hook-like bolt into the jamb, making it extremely difficult to tamper with the door.

    This hook is a unique addition to the rest of the six or more existing locking bolts in the door.


    The Gladiator Lock Mechanism can be added to all RB-Door models. 

  • Which cylinders and locking systems comes within RB-Doors
  • All RB-Doors Entry Doors are supplied with high security cylinders manufactured by RB Locking division. The cylinders are certified and withstand the highest security and safety grades according to International and Israeli standards. 

    The cylinders may be supplied with either key or thumb turn knobs for the interior side.  


    Cylinder Protector

    To ensure our customers' security RB-Doors has equipped their entry doors with improved cylinder protectors.

     The RB cylinder protector makes drilling, dismantling or breaking the cylinder area extremely difficult.


    Door Locking System

    The sophisticated, multi-point mortise locking system engages 7 steel bolts and directs them to the jamb, such creating a strong and powerful defence against break-ins and unwanted intrusions. Six bolts are engaged in standard door models with windows. Additional hook or pin bolted locking mechanisms may be attached to and activated by the central locking system for increased security. 


  • ?What is the new LOCXIS cylinder by RB-Locking Technologies
  • The new LOCXIS cylinder by RB-Locking Technologies, offers you the world's most innovative and advanced high security features, meeting stringent quality standards across the board.

    The Locxis system includes two pairs of telescopic floating pins that are used as a conbination unit for added security. The key is two-sided, with US patent no. 8,336,350 and comes with a unique duplication card

    The unique LOCXIS technology permits a large number of possible combinations, enabling the creation of products with the highest security level.

    The LOCXIS cylinder is withthe highest level of European standard EN 1303 and protected by US patent no. 8,336,350.