FIRE DOOR 90 min - Model FW90

FIRE DOOR 90 min (FW90)

Acoustic and Fire door model FW90, is a 90 minute fire rated door meeting the European and Israeli standards requirements. This advanced fire door is available with construction, cover or acoustic frame and provides outstanding protection and safety for various types of commercial and residential facilities, institutions and industries.

Technical Specs

  • General Description:
    The door leaf is made of two 0.8mm galvanized steel sheets, reinforced by an internal profile structure. There are no welding points on the door - increased corrosion resistance.
    The door is equipped with a telescopic bottom insert for door height adjustment.
    Double layered door leaf filling - high density rock wool and fire resistant gypsum, peripheral fire and smoke resistant gasket with intumescing core is attached to the door leaf edge.
  • Hardware & Accessories:
    Available with stainless steel fixed handle, or with moveable handles and anti - Panic lock.
    Door closer (optional)
    Door coordinator for double leaf door – optional
    Panic bar – optional.
  • Window Dimensions (optional- except UL):
    600x400 mm
    820x170 mm
    Round 440mm diameter.
  • Door Finish: PVC finish or powder coating.
  • Dimensions:
    Maximum door leaf height (insert height not included) – 2,400 mm
    Maximum door frame height – 2,500 mm
    Maximum moveable door width – 1,300 mm
    Maximum fixed door width – 1,300 mm.
  • Acoustic Rating for FW90 Door with Acoustic Frame :
    Double door - 38 dB *
    Single door - 41 dB*
    *Weighted sound reduction index – Rw
  • Standards: FW90 - SII according to EN 1634
FIRE DOOR 90 min - Model FW90 ROXANA

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