LOCXIS Technology Platform

LOCXIS Technology Platform

LOCXIS patented technology is one of the most advanced high security cylinder platforms in the world, based on integrating a variety of unique key and cylinder combinations and different pin configurations, giving you the highest cylinder protection. Each cylinder comes with five keys and a key-duplication card.


  • The Locxis key pins combine 1 or 2 rows of external pins, internal pins, springs and stainless steel balls for an advanced range of combinations to achieve the most advanced and optimal security level.
    Locxis plug pins are made from stainless steel and are produced by an accurate machining process providing the abilitye to assemble complex master systems.
  • Locxis cylinders include anti-drill pins which enhance resistance against drilling and burglary attempts.
    Each combination chamber is sealed with a metric screw, providing flexibility in rekeying and the master systems built.
  • The Locxis blank key duplication control is based on a unique code printed on the duplication card which can only be duplicated by presenting the card to an authorized professional locksmith .
  • The Locxis Platform can be applied on European profile cylinders, Oval Profiles cylinders, RIM, Mortise etc.

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Locxis cylinder LOCXIS Product
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