RB Bullet Proof Doors

RB Bullet Proof Doors - Protecting Institutions and Private Homes Around the World

  • RB-Doors
  • 29-11-2015

RB bullet proof doors are designed to protect premises and their occupants against ballistic attacks, while maintaining an elegant appearance.

The bullet resistant doors manufactured by RB-DOORS are compliant to the highest production standards.

Our High Security doors include an advanced locking system and provide the protection needed for facilities requiring advanced security and a high level of defense.

We have been installing these unique doors in schools, embassies, banks, government institutions and private homes around the world .Among recent projects, our doors have been installed in Singapore, USA, Australia, Kenya and Nigeria.


Bullet Proof Test - RB Doors

Bullet Proof Test on RB Door Model 769 August 2013 Result - 0 Penetrability